Alexander LTS

Dr. Hansen is one of a select number of clinicians who has adopted the Alexander Treatment Discipline, a scientifically based treatment method focused on creating your uniquely beautiful smile in the shortest amount of time possible.         

In conjunction with the Alexander Discipline, Dr. Hansen is using the Alexander LTS bracket system. LTS stands for Long Term Stability, meaning your orthodontist has the tools and expertise to quickly give you the best possible smile that will truly last for a lifetime. So when your braces come off, you’ll be less likely to ever need orthodontic treatment again.

Efficiency and Precision

With the LTS Bracket System, each tooth has a bracket specifically designed for that tooth. This gives Dr. Hansen complete control over the movement of each tooth and helps with the speed and quality of treatment. This sophisticated method of tooth control gets to the heart of the Alexander Discipline: keep all aspects of treatment as effective and efficient as possible.


LTS Brackets maximize comfort by using much less pressure than other systems. Each Alexander bracket is also designed with smooth, rounded contours and an exceptionally low profile that will feel much better inside your mouth.


The LTS System is designed to be as small as possible, so it won’t be nearly as noticeable as other braces.